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GMAT Focus Edition Quantitative Reasoning Section

Unveiling the Nature of GMAT Focus Quantitative Questions

Sunday 31 March 2024, by hurtado claudio

Unveiling the Nature of GMAT Focus Quantitative Questions

Welcome, aspiring GMAT Focus Quantitative masters!

Prepare for success with Claudio Hurtado, an esteemed educator with over 25 years of experience crafting tailored GMAT QUANT courses.

In the GMAT Focus Edition, the Quantitative Reasoning section exclusively features Problem Solving question types.

GMAT Focus Edition Problem Solving questions are presented in a clear format: a mathematical problem accompanied by five multiple-choice answers. These answer choices aren’t just options; they contain vital clues essential for problem-solving.

In many instances, direct calculation may not be necessary. Your task is to identify the correct answer by utilising any available means. The answer choices not only guide you but also define the parameters of the problem, enabling you to employ approximation, rounding, or pattern recognition techniques.

In the GMAT Focus Edition, answer choices are consistently arranged in ascending or descending order. A valuable strategy, such as ’back solving’, can be employed. For instance, if you’re seeking the value of x, consider substituting answer choice C to gauge its suitability or to deduce whether the actual value should be greater or lesser.

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Mastering the GMAT Focus Edition Quantitative Reasoning Section: A Comprehensive Guide

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