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GMAT Focus Edition Quantitative Reasoning Section

Navigating the Complexity of GMAT Focus Quantitative Section

Sunday 31 March 2024, by hurtado claudio

Navigating the Complexity of GMAT Focus Quantitative Section

Greetings, aspiring GMAT Focus Quantitative conquerors!

Embark on your quest for mastery with Claudio Hurtado, a seasoned educator boasting over 25 years of expertise in sculpting GMAT QUANT courses.

In the GMAT Focus Edition, the Quantitative section presents math questions at a level akin to high school difficulty. However, don’t be deceived by familiarity; as an item-adaptive test, question difficulty escalates based on your performance.

When approaching this section, it’s imperative to note that the emphasis lies not in the process but in the precision and speed of your answers. Unlike in academic settings, your workings out are not assessed. Instead, the focus is on swiftly identifying and delivering the correct answer.

Prepare effectively for the unique challenges posed by the GMAT Focus math syllabus under the guidance of Claudio Hurtado. Learn the strategies and techniques tailored to optimise your performance and achieve success in the Quantitative section.

Reach out to us at +56 945 517 215 or via email at clasesgmatchile@gmail.com to enrol in Claudio Hurtado’s GMAT Focus Quantitative preparation classes. Explore further details on our websites at https://gmatchile.cl and https://clasesgmat.es.

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Mastering the GMAT Focus Edition Quantitative Reasoning Section: A Comprehensive Guide

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