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Exploring the Duration of GMAT Focus Quantitative Section

Sunday 31 March 2024, by hurtado claudio

Exploring the Duration of GMAT Focus Quantitative Section

Greetings, aspiring GMAT Focus Quantitative masters! Are you ready to conquer this pivotal section of the GMAT Focus Edition? Join Claudio Hurtado, a seasoned educator with over 25 years of experience in crafting tailored GMAT QUANT courses.

In the GMAT Focus Quantitative section, you are allotted 45 minutes to navigate through a series of 21 multiple-choice questions. This section demands precision, strategic thinking, and a deep understanding of mathematical concepts.

Maximise your potential and boost your performance by enrolling in Claudio Hurtado’s GMAT Focus Quantitative preparation classes. With his guidance and expertise, you’ll hone your skills and approach the GMAT Quant section with confidence.

Contact us today at +56 945 517 215 or via email at clasesgmatchile@gmail.com to kickstart your journey towards GMAT success. For more details, visit our websites at https://gmatchile.cl and https://clasesgmat.es.

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