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GMAT Focus Edition Quantitative Reasoning Section

Understanding GMAT Focus Quantitative Scoring

Sunday 31 March 2024, by hurtado claudio

Understanding GMAT Focus Quantitative Scoring

Are you aiming to excel in the GMAT Focus Edition Quantitative Reasoning section? Look no further! Join Claudio Hurtado, an experienced educator with over 25 years of expertise in GMAT QUANT preparation.

The GMAT Focus Quantitative section, alongside Verbal Reasoning and Data Insights, contributes to your overall score out of 805. Quantitative scores range from 60 to 90, reflecting your proficiency in mathematical reasoning and problem-solving skills.

Your GMAT Focus Quantitative score is determined by three key factors:

Number of Questions Answered:

The quantity of questions you attempt impacts your score.

Accuracy of Answers:

Correct answers play a crucial role in determining your final score. Each accurate response contributes positively.

Question Difficulty:

The difficulty level of the questions you answer correctly also influences your score. As you answer more questions correctly, the difficulty increases, demonstrating a higher level of proficiency.

Join Claudio Hurtado’s GMAT QUANT preparation classes today to enhance your skills and maximise your GMAT Focus Quantitative score. Contact us at +56 945 517 215 or via email at clasesgmatchile@gmail.com. Visit our websites at https://gmatchile.cl and https://clasesgmat.es for more information.

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Mastering the GMAT Focus Edition Quantitative Reasoning Section: A Comprehensive Guide

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